“Duck” is a free bird!

After moving the juvenile Red-shouldered hawk, “Duck”, to an outdoor mew on Thursday, and flying him on a creance line, we were convinced that he was back to full health and ready for release. So yesterday, I packed Duck in a carrier and transported him back to the beautiful Pogue Mahone Farm in Jefferson, MD, where Kathy had rescued him from drowning in their horses’ water trough. Kathy and her daughter were present. When we set him free, Duck bolted from the box, landed on Kathy’s pick-up truck for a quick look around, and then took off high over the pastures to the distant trees. Farewell, Duck, and stay out of those troughs!

6 thoughts on ““Duck” is a free bird!

    • owlmoonrc says:

      Indeed, Patrick! I miss you. I hope all is well with your fall coursework. I’m sure it is keeping you busy, but feel free to drop by anytime!

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