Great Horned Owl Rescued From Entanglement in Fishing Line


Monofilament fishing line that is left out in the environment is a danger to wildlife. Our most recent patient is a female Great-Horned Owl who was found dangling from a tree with her left wing wrapped in fishing line. Lucky for her, a kind-hearted fisherman found her, cut her free, and brought her to Owl Moon for rehabilitation. She was completely exhausted and dehydrated, and being a heavy bird, her wing was badly strained from her struggle to free herself. We have rehydrated her and bandaged the injured wing to give it rest. We are hoping that the damage to her shoulder from the stress of hanging can heal, and we can get her back to the wild where she belongs. Without the thoughtfulness of this kind-hearted fisherman, this beautiful bird would have suffered a horrific death. If you should encounter fishing line in nature, please collect it and dispose of it properly. Your actions could save a life!

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