Come One Come All!

We are pleased and proud to announce our 4th Annual Owl Moon Raptor Festival coming up on Sunday, November 12th from noon to 4 pm. Many thanks to our friends at Montgomery Parks- Black Hill Regional Park Nature Center for offering to host us again this year. Of course, we could not do this event without the help of Adventures With Raptors, who will be there with their many Owls, Hawks, and Falcons to provide close up viewing and photography, as well as exciting flight demonstrations! There will be plenty of fun and educational activities for the enjoyment of kids of all ages, and you can learn about Owl Moon Raptor Center‘s work to help injured, sick, and orphaned birds of prey from all over Maryland. We are close to breaking our own 2016 record of 204 injured raptors admitted, including several Bald Eagles and Peregrine Falcons. We appreciate your contributions to help us keep up with the needs of our Maryland birds of prey. This year has been a particularly bad one for cases of West Nile Virus, which is often fatal in birds. We are currently treating four Great Horned Owls we suspect are victims of this virus.

Please join us this year for another wonderful opportunity to have adventures with raptors and support the important work we do at Owl Moon to save the owls, hawks, and falcons that come in harms way. And please share this post and spread the word to your friends and family! Thank you!!!


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