2020 has been a different year

Greetings, friends! We have proudly managed to remain open and answering calls throughout 2020. However, we were forced to reduce our volunteer staff to protect everyone’s health and safety. This required us to put in many extra hours caring for injured birds, and allowed less time for social media. So now I am writing to bring you up to date!

In a normal year, we would be celebrating this season with you at our 7th Annual Owl Moon Raptor Festival on the 2nd Sunday of this month. Like so many social events this year, we were forced to cancel our popular fundraiser. We know many of you look forward to our festival each year, and we promise to bring it back in 2021! Not only that, but for the first time since 2012 we have been unable to produce our favorite Owl Moon calendar. Believe me when I tell you that I missed putting the calendar together as much as you will miss having one, and sharing it with family and friends this holiday season. Sad times!

However, we do anticipate a great new offering for you, which we know you will enjoy, and we hope will bring us some much needed revenue to keep us going strong through 2021. We will soon be announcing an online “store” where you will be able to purchase merchandise decorated with our Owl Moon logo, artwork, and photos of birds. Stay tuned for our “grand opening!”

You can also help us with your purchase of a wonderful book entitled “Enraptured with Raptors”, now available on Amazon at  https://www.amazon.com/…/dp/0578737248/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0….

This book was written by amazing Jennifer Packard, and Illustrated with her stunning photographs. It tells the story of a family of Red-shouldered Hawks growing up on Rock Creek in Washington, DC. We come into the story when the adult male, “Walt”, becomes hopelessly entangled in fishing line and requires rescue and rehab to get back to his duties of fatherhood. All proceeds from this lovely book will be donated to Owl Moon. It makes a great gift, and you can support us with your purchase!

Alternatively, you can donate to Owl Moon Raptor Center just to help us help the over 300 injured, sick, or orphaned birds of prey that come to us each year. We truly appreciate your support, this year more than ever!

Photo below by Jennifer Packard