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Owl Moon Raptor Center
Boyds, Maryland 20841

It's baby season! Please consider donating to help us treat and return them home.

Eagle flying on creance line
Our Mission

Together we make a difference.

Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate injured, sick, and orphaned birds of prey and return them to the wild in sound, athletic condition; and to educate the public about raptors in the process. With your help we can make a difference rehabilitating and returning birds of prey back to the wild. 

Barn Owl Flying on a creance line
Want to Know More?

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Found injured wildlife that is not a bird of prey? 

Dangers impacting raptors

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Our Impact this Year

You helped us make a huge impact this year returning birds of prey to the wild

Top 5 Species of Birds of Prey Admitted to Owl Moon in 2023

Red-Shouldered Hawk  100

Barred Owl  72

Red-Tailed Hawk 71

Osprey  49

Cooper's Hawk  49

  • Total Birds Admitted in 2023


  • Total Volunteer Hours rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing Birds of Prey in 2023

    Over 10,000

Young black vulture standing in grass

What We Do

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News & Notes

Owl Moon Raptor Center
Owl Moon Raptor Center
Boyds, Maryland 20841