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Owl Moon Raptor Center
Boyds, Maryland 20841

It's baby season! Please consider donating to help us treat and return them home.

What We Do


Close up picture of peregrine falcon in care

If you have found injured wildlife that is not a bird a prey, here is a list of wildlife rehabilitators in Maryland:

Maryland Department of Natural Resources Rehabilitators Directory

Maryland Wildlife Rehabilitators Association

Raptors and Rat Poison

At Owl Moon, we often admit patients who have eaten a rat or mouse that was sick from rat poison.  Unfortunately, many times we receive the bird too late to save it from a painful death.  Please do not use rodenticides to eliminate rats or mice.  Snap traps and other preventative options are a more humane way to address the problem.  For more information, please visit Raptors Are The Solution.

Raptors and Lead Poisoning

Lead is extremely toxic to raptors and unfortunately Owl Moon has received many patients including Bald Eagles that suffer from lead toxicity.  Please see our letter in support of banning lead in ammunition in Maryland (Link to letter)  for more information on the impacts that lead has had to raptors in our care.

For more general information on lead and wildlife, please visit NPS Lead and Hunting.

Environmental  Educational Organizations:

These organizations specialize in environmental education.

Meadowside Nature Center

Brookside Nature Center

Black Hill Nature Center

Caitlin Dunbar Nature Center

Scales and Tales

Adventures with Raptors

Smithsonian National Zoo

Secret Garden Birds and Bees

Our Impact This Year

  • Birds Admitted in 2023


  • Volunteer Hours Rescuing, Rehabilitating, and Releasing in 2023


Owl Moon Raptor Center
Owl Moon Raptor Center
Boyds, Maryland 20841