Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Written by volunteer Amy Rembold

It’s that time of year when family and friends join together to honor the tradition of Thanksgiving. We at Owl Moon Raptor Center are a family that comes together daily to work to save raptors that are sick or injured. Our director, Suzanne Shoemaker, spends every day (minus the rare days away), from morning until night, taking care of these incredible birds of prey. Volunteers come in to clean cages, help hold birds to administer medications and other treatments, prepare food, or fly the birds on a creance line to recondition them for release. Others transport birds to the center at all hours, and finally help with the release. There are a million other tasks that our partners accomplish.  Veterinarians such as those at Bennett Creek Animal Hospital and Eye Care For Animals provide birds with x-rays, examinations, and surgeries and other procedures. Arborists such as those at Comprehensive Tree Care help us rescue birds entangled in fishing line in trees, and return fallen nestlings to their nests to rejoin their families. There are so many to thank!


So far in 2017, Owl Moon has admitted well over 200 birds of prey needing our attention, and the numbers are increasing every year. We are dependent on our “family” which includes you, the concerned citizens who notify us of an injured raptor, rescue and transporters that drive many miles to move the injured raptor to Owl Moon, our director and volunteers who work tirelessly to provide the best care for the injured patient for the ultimate goal of returning the bird back into the wild, and finally the donors that provide us with the means to pay for medicine, medical care, food and the supplies that are essential for the everyday care of these magnificent birds.

We thank you and the raptors thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!!! We hope you enjoy your feast as much as this owl enjoys his (Warning: this video is not for the squeamish)!


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