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Owl Moon Raptor Center
Boyds, Maryland 20841

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Cooper’s Hawk Freed from Netting

Cooper's hawk midflight after being released from cardboard box back into the wild. Owl Moon Raptor Center.

Chicken netting may be designed to keep poultry in, but it can also trap other animals including birds of prey. Last month, a small bird was trapped in netting in Cordova, Maryland. This adult male Cooper’s hawk, now known as Schmidt, pursued the entrapped bird hoping to obtain a tasty meal. Instead, the hawk became ensnared himself.

Birds caught in netting often experience serious injuries such as bruising and lesions. Feathers can also be damaged impacting the ability to fly away. After Owl Moon volunteer Kristina carefully detangled the hawk, Schmidt received one month of care at Owl Moon to heal his wounds and restore his strength. Yesterday, he was released—watch as he flies away fully recovered back to the wild!

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Owl Moon Raptor Center
Owl Moon Raptor Center
Boyds, Maryland 20841